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Fannette Island Lake Tahoe Elopement

Lake Tahoe Elopement

One thing I always wish I could get across to couples who want to “do it all,” is there their elopement can be TWO entire days of WHATEVER they want to do! I was sooo excited and proud of Haley and Jazz for choosing two days for their Lake Tahoe Elopement.

Haley and Jazz had dreams of paddleboarding, exchanging personal vows, hiking, having a family-specific ceremony, boating on Lake Tahoe, climbing to the Rock House on an Island, and having photos taken with their pup, Theo. This much action deserved two separate days and this all-in, adventure-seeking couple made their elopement trip a dream!

I had so much fun. Not only because a two-day outdoorsy Lake Tahoe Elopement is something I’ve been yearning to document but also because Haley and Jazz themselves are hilarious and generally exhilarating to be around. Together, they share this incredible, fun, light-hearted banter and humor that is equivalently matched by their seriously inseparable bond.

Haley and Jazz went to the same high school but didn’t connect on a deeper level until their 10-year high school reunion. They both recollected about the best part of navigating that semi-awkward occasion was being in one another’s presence. They also made it clear that even though they always knew they wanted to get married to one another, it was the being together day-in and day-out of quarantine that really sealed the deal for them. Haley mentioned that riding the waves of the pandemic with someone that made her laugh and enjoy life as much as Jazz does made all the difference. Jazz commented that he enjoyed Haley’s company so much during quarantine that he didn’t want it to end… That really got to me. 😭

I must also mention here, for context on how cool and easy-going these two are, is we ran into Pirates on the Island. Maybe it was just a group of friends dressed as pirates enjoying their day by the water, but we didn’t ask questions. Anyway- one of those pirates, I kid you not, signed Haley and Jazz’s marriage license as an official witness.

This all goes to say that these two made quarantine fun. They made their Lake Tahoe Elopement, alongside pirates, fun. I am dutifully convinced they will make the rest of their lives (and marriage) a fully lived, deeply memorable experience they will forever cherish.

Thank you, Haley and Jazz, for having me on your Lake Tahoe Elopement and for the speedboat ride in I’ll never forget. 😉


Photo: Wild & Free Elopements | Hair: The Impossible Beauty | Makeup: Makeup Glam | Florist: Preston Blooms | Wedding Dress Shop: Bridal Veil Fashions | Rings: Alan Andersen Jewelry + Carbon District

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