Boho Big Sur Elopement | Ereene + Juan

Boho Big Sur Elopement with bell sleeve dress and fall colored flowers

Boho Big Sur Elopement

Everything about meeting Ereene and Juan in the thickness of rolling fog off a cliff in Big Sur was … a dream. Ereene was jaw-droppingly stunning in her Shona Joy bell-sleeved dress and Juan- modern, minimalistic, and perfectly styled. Each displayed intentional and unique jewelry pairing wonderfully with one another’s. An all-time favorite, hands down, were their rings from Young In The Mountains. Each of these details made Ereene and Juan’s Boho Big Sur Elopement captivating.

It was such a pleasure photographing them. But the best aspects of their Boho Big Sur Elopement?!

How sweetly and gently Ereene and Juan touched and held one another during their self-uniting ceremony. The depth of their personal vows. How the sun made an appearance at exactly the right time to bathe them in citrus warmth. 🌥️🌤️☀️

Ereene later reflected on the occurrence as “a blessing from the universe.

I loved seeing how playful and joyful Ereene and Juan were in the beach sand together, laughing. How they, very apparently, are one another’s safe space in this world.

Prior to their Boho Sig Sur Elopement, Ereene wrote to me:

“We are so excited! We’ve been engaged for 2 years and like many couples this year have had to cancel, postpone, attempt to accommodate our families wishes, adapt and all that jazz. On top of trying to keep both our service businesses (massage and barbering) afloat during a pandemic. Throughout the chaos, love wins. We are so looking forward to working with you.”

Love always wins. Ereene and Juan’s gentleheartedness reminded me of the quote:

‘Love is like a bird, hold it too tightly it will die, hold it loosely it will fly, but if you’re kind and allow it to rest in your hand [heart] it will stay with you forever.’
Congratulations to these two beautiful souls on their Boho Big Sur Elopement and to the beginning of a magical marriage!

It was an honor being your photographer!

Photography: Wild & Free Elopements | Dress: Shona Joy | Rings: Young in the Mountains | Flowers: Big Sur Flowers

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