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Elopement wedding ceremony in Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park Wedding Photographer

Sequoia National Park Elopement

Jessica & John wanted to do something different for their day. As an artistic LA couple, they wanted an alternative and bohemian style of wedding that hadn’t been done before. They nailed it with the unique, amazing, and fun-filled Sequoia National Park elopement wedding they put together!

Sequoia National Park means a lot to these two! The park symbolizes their falling in love with each other, as it was one of their early dates and even a crazy story involving John saving Jessica’s life!! Sequoia and all of it’s big, magical trees are a really strong part of their foundation together so it just made sense to have their wedding day with their tree-friends!

Their day was one of my all-time favorites to be a part of and I’ll never forget the memories and friends I made during our weekend together out in nature! Thank you, Jessica & John, for including me in your awesome celebration, but mostly, thank you for being the wonderful souls that you are!

From John

“This past year I called my “butterfly year.” It was a year of working to achieve personal goals to better myself physically, mentally, and emotionally, as well as to open myself up to finding and fulfilling the desire for commitment and love in my life.

And in this last goal, Jessica was a surprise, an astonishment. Someone that epitomized all the qualities I needed in a partner while possessing many I didn’t know I wanted. So in a year of remarkable things I achieved for myself, what I’ll remember most is the stumbling, chaotic, but extraordinary way we got together over many weeks and months. It was a whirlwind of emotion and passion and beauty that I’d never known with such intensity and vividness.

She’s kind, compassionate, understanding, thoughtful, sweet, and beautiful inside and out. But she’s also a firebrand with intense passions, biting humor, and an inventive wit. She can keep up with me, and I her. We complete and extend each other to work towards our best selves, and that’s what I want in a partner.

Despite all the pains she’s been through in her life, she’s never given up being vulnerable. She’s thoughtful about who she’s open with, but she doesn’t shy away from being intimate with those who care about her.” -John Holowach

From Jessica

“What drew him to me was the kindness I watched him give to all of his friends. We had many nights laying on the living room floor telling each other our life stories until 6am. Once I realized I was actually in love it was otherworldly. I felt like I was in a storybook. I had no idea love could be this conscious and I actually spent most of my days afterward Googling if what I was feeling was actually something that other people felt in their lifetime. It was sort of like a eureka moment of finding the meaning of life.

I just knew that he viewed life as precious and similar to the way I look at the world. I love how goofy and excited he gets about things when he first sees them. It’s like he has an everlasting childlike wonder to him that I share as well and my favorite quality about him is hearing him laugh because it’s a very unique laugh.” -Jessica Blum

After Jessica + John’s INCREDIBLE wedding ceremony in Long Meadow in Sequoia National Park with their closest family and friends, we all took a little trip to the Big Trees for a bunch of fun!

John wanted to play his bride a few songs amongst the magical big trees 🥰

As if their day wasn’t already jam-packed with awesome-ness, Jessica & John also put together a small reception to celebrate their elopement day in the park! With the addition of some new friends and family joining us, the tranquility of Serenity Retreat on Mill Creek, and all the amazing vegan catering — Jessica & John’s relaxed wedding reception was A BLAST!

Ceremony: Sequoia National Park with permit | Reception: Serenity Rustic Retreat on Mill Creek | Vegan Catering provided by: The Painted Table in Fresno | Sequoia National Park Elopement Photographer: Joni Bilderback

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